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Lindsey has been in the retail industry for the past 20 years as a stylist and custom specialist for 10. She was one of the original 10 people that founded Trunk Club, and the top producer of sales for 6 consecutive years. This was simply due to her ability to work well with people, getting them where they wanted to go (and beyond) on a consistent basis. Her success not only led to the acquisition of Trunk Club by Nordstrom, but to Lindsey eventually starting her own company. As Trunk Club grew to 700 stylists, the retail mindset of the corporation took over, and the ensuing lack of customer service and attention to detail made it impossible for Lindsey to take care of her clients the way she wanted to — that’s when she knew it was time to go. 

After a great deal of thought and planning, LTC was born. Lindsey took all the best parts of Trunk Club and mixed that with her own ideas and energy. She then had the ability to control every aspect of custom clothing — from the initial fitting, to the final smile that flashes across the face of her client when he sees himself in the mirror. For Lindsey that’s what it’s all about. She wants her clients to feel like they’re wearing something that makes a statement. Something that says not only who they are, but how they want others to see them… and ultimately react to them. She loves working with people who really care about how they look... but especially those who don’t care and grow to love it! Be it a professional athlete, a prominent CEO, or her neighbor down the street, custom clothing speaks volumes without saying a word. Lindsey understands this and knows how to make that happen.

What every man should have in their wardrobe: 

"It seems simple, but every adult man should have at least one blazer and one suit. Even if you don’t get dressed up regularly, I can guarantee that you will have a time where you have a last minute event and are scrambling. You end up spending money on something you kind-of like and that sort of fits. Eliminate the hassle and the headache and have both made for you and ready to roll when the opportunity presents itself. I can’t tell you how many times guys tell me they ended up wearing the garments way more because they were actually excited to put them on!"

it seems simple but everyman should have a tailored white shirt, a suit, a blazer and a tuxedo

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