While every experience is custom-tailored to the client, here are the standard steps

how it works


After shopping we can either come to your home for the fitting or you can come to our showroom and have everything set up on a rolling rack.



For a flat fee of $500 an LT Custom stylist will do all the leg work. This includes going to the store, doing the styling and the returns/exchanging of the items that didn’t work. Your budget will determine where we shop. This can be anywhere from a Nordstrom Rack to Neiman Marcus, it all depends on what you’re looking for! As always every client is different and we believe in getting the best bang for your buck!



If desired on your end, an LTC stylist will come to your home and assess where the gaps are in your wardrobe. This will also give us a better idea of your personal style and where to work from. We will get rid of what is dated or damaged and donate to charity. If it is a designer item she will help you get it purchased! This is a flat fee of $500.

closet consultation


Hop on the phone with an LTC stylist to determine what you need and what you need it for. Maybe it’s a general wardrobe update, or it’s a special charity event. 

phone consultation

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